Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 falling short?

It’s unfortunate, but it happens, leaders invest in Dynamics but don’t get the productivity and ROI they need. User adoption is low because the company doesn’t have the time or resources for training and communication. Maybe the CRM admin left the organization – or didn’t measure up. Other times, the company’s implementation partner doesn’t provide ongoing support services as expected. This can result in a system that doesn't mature or optimize as new features become available within the platform or as business needs and processes change. 

Whatever the reason, Dynamics solutions can go unoptimized, which can result in decreasing usage as users work within a system that doesn’t fully meet their needs and enhance their productivity.

If your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions don’t meet your expectations, we are here for you. Plus Delta 314 helps:

CIOs and IT Leaders who need support, enhancements, and those that want to earn more ROI from their licensing investment.

COOs who need strategies to empower employee adoption, raise employee and customer satisfaction, and maximize value through operational improvements.

CEOs who need access to reliable business data to make strategic decisions that will ensure stakeholder value. 

Business Development Leaders who need technology to provide repeatable, measurable processes that reduces data administration, allowing sales teams to focus on connecting with customers and closing deals. 

Empower your teams

Technology cannot succeed alone. People-centric adoption drives positive change. With our combined expertise in organizational change management and Microsoft Dynamics 365 technical expertise, we coach leadership and engage and empower teams to navigate technology changes successfully. With our guidance every step of the way, your organization can achieve successful adoption.

Rely on a partner you can trust

With Plus Delta 314, you come first. Helping you get better results after launch is our sole purpose. Every member of our team – technical and otherwise – focuses their energy on helping you feel 100% supported, so you get the most out of your existing Microsoft CRM solution. Our user adoption expertise ensures your post-launch experience provides the training and technical support your team needs to be successful. 

Get better results with combined strengths

With us, you leverage every strength needed for successful business improvement. The Plus Delta 314 team brings you expertise in management, psychology, communications, training, and tech. We work to understand the business outcomes you need to achieve and capitalize on your existing strengths.  Our value-centric people approach vs. the typical tech-centric approach leads to the positive change you deserve, every time.

Continuous Improvement and ongoing support

Business needs and processes are constantly evolving. The features and capabilities available in Dynamics 365 CE continue to expand. After your initial implementation, you need continuous improvement and ongoing support to keep your solution optimized. We see continued maturity and optimization as essential to your long term success, productivity, and user engagement. We will work with you to tailor a plan to provide the level of service you desire to help you get the most out of your technology investment for the long term.

Why we are different

Many partners are technology companies that offer organizational change management and support. Plus Delta 314 is an organizational change management and support company with deep technical expertise in Dynamics 365.

Members of the Plus Delta 314 team are CCMP certified by the Association of Change Management Professionals and PMP certified by the Project Management Institute.

Our proven process is simple & effective

We follow the ACMP Standard for change management. When you work with us, we utilize the following steps to guide your project to success:

Step 1: Benefits Realization, Definition, and Alignment

Step 2: Stakeholder Assessment and Role Definition

Step 3: Process Definition and Alignment

Step 4: Communications

Step 5: Training

Step 6: Operationalization

Step 7: Continuous Improvement and Ongoing Support

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